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Diamond Dance - Pole Dancing Studio

Original Web Design by Jesse Birch. Alternate home page design by Vicki Coupe, Logo Design Vicki Coupe

The Diamond Dance website is a powerful, online bookings system that also acts as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). The system was custom built within Silverstripe. The system is integrated with the client's bank to allow for online bookings and payments. The client can manage all aspects of their studio programs through this system. 

The video background for this site was inspired by the Kylie Minogue 'Sexercize TV' website and provides a point of difference in the design. 

Courses, Classes & Timetable

Key features include the ability to add courses with multiple classes to build a timetable. The timetable itself can be duplicated from term to term to provide for ease of management.


Instructors can be added and linked to the various classes they teach. 

Students & Enrolments

Students can be added and enrolled into any classes either by the administrator or online themselves. complex pricing structures are included to allow for discounts depending on the number of classes a student is enrolled in.


payments are handled by the clients bank's gateway. All payments can be reviewed within the CMS

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